Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here we go...

So, I guess you could say this first post is more of a disclaimer than anything else! I have decided to blog about my current weight loss attempt... I guess maybe saying attempt is setting myself up to fail... but then I guess one should also be realistic... Anyhoo! ;) Here goes nothin'...

Awhile back I was using the Trim Healthy Mama plan to try to shed the baby weight + some other pounds I have had packed on for far too long. There was a lot I liked about the plan (no sugar, the structure, the ability to eat foods that wouldn't leave me hungry all the time). But, there were also some things that just weren't working for me personally (lots of dairy, some strange ingredients that were hard to come by). I have heard a lot about the Paleo diet recently and have seen some people getting healthy and having great success with it. So, I have decided to give it a whirl... sort of... 

Here is my disclaimer: I plan to share a lot of what I eat on here and I am in no way attempting to be a paleo purist. I will still have a piece of cake on my kid's birthday and I will definitely be eating a smore's every now and then (come on, it is summer!) But, my hope is that about 90% of the time I will be eating the paleo way and making better choices.

The point of this blog is pretty much for my own accountability. But, I decided to go ahead and make it public because I personally enjoy reading weight loss blogs. 

So... here goes my first little check in/post after almost a week of eating paleo (with a few cheats here and there).

Pounds Lost: 4
Pounds to Go: 41
Successes: I have been drinking lots of water! I have been much better about not eating after dinner. I also eat more fruits and veggies in a day now than I used to eat in a week.
Things to improve: I really haven't gotten into an exercise routine and would really like to start a couch to 5k program so I can start running. 

Here are some of my meals from this week:
 This was my favorite breakfast by far. Fried egg (cooked in coconut oil) over sweet potato hashbrowns with bacon and raspberries on the side. Sweet potatoes are amazing in hashbrown form. Try it today.
 Leftover BBQ pork from the 4th of July in lettuce, roasted veggies and strawberries. The BBQ sauce probably made this not perfectly paleo... but it was perfectly delicious. Also, I am obsessed with roasted veggies. Especially when there are onions involved.
 Italian sausage and shrimp, grilled peppers and watermelon. My husband fixed our grill over the weekend and I am so thankful!
 Pork steak (I only ate about half of that piece, it was huge!), grilled mushrooms and asparagus wrapped in bacon, salad with homemade peleo friendly Caesar dressing.
Scrambled eggs with leftover roasted veggies and raspberries.
And scrambled egg, raspberries, and cherries. Simple and yummy.

I must say if I can keep it up, eating this way is so easy. If you have the staples on hand throwing a meal together is so simple. And I am using up leftovers like crazy which is good on the pocket book!

So, here goes nothing! Thanks for joining me on the ride!

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