Thursday, July 11, 2013

{small victories}

Today was one of those days that easily could have turned into a disastrous eating day... but it didn't!!!!!! I am beyond happy about this small accomplishment which is hopefully a baby step in the right direction.

This morning Nick and I had physicals in order to get new life insurance so we had to wait to eat breakfast until afterwards. I was starving by the time we could eat and it was so tempting to pour myself a carb-alicious bowl of cereal or just grab some cheese crackers. But, I went ahead and drank a big glass of water to hold me over for a few minutes and then went ahead and made myself some scrambled eggs. Small victory!

Next on the agenda was taking my grandma to get her haircut. It was right at lunch time when we got out so we hit up the Pizza Hut Buffet. I need to preface by saying that one of my very favorite things is Pizza Hut's pepperoni pan pizza. It is just so perfectly greasy and delicious. Of course it was the first thing I saw when I walked up to the buffet. Argh! But, somehow I managed to make it through the entire lunch eating just salad. Small victory!

Then things got super intense. We went back to my mom's house after lunch and she offered to give the boys haircuts (awesome!). She buzzed the boys heads (perfect summer cut for sweaty little boys) and we gave them ice-cream sandwiches afterwards. Not just any ice-cream sandwiches. Fat Boy ice-cream sandwiches... have you ever had one? I even initially told myself I was going to have one. But, I decided to start with a bottle of water instead and within a few minutes I got busy with other things and I decided it was better to skip out on it. Small victory!

The hubs is out grilling right now so dinner will be grilled chicken and mushrooms, baked sweet potatoes, and salad. So, Lord willing, today will end up being a pretty good eating day... Yay for small victories!

And in other news! I got my first question on the blog so I will be posting soon about what my personal grocery store staples are for eating Paleo!

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